To Be A Humane Human Being

By Gede Raka

A good education should aim at promoting and developing the noble characteristics of human beings that differentiate them from other beings, especially animals. MPS considers six characteristics that make a human being humane:

  • Long term goal
  • Concept of a meaningful life
  • Virtues
  • Understanding of paradox
  • Introspective ability
  • Creativity

Education content, process, and environment should enable students to nurture awareness about various ways and quality of life and inspire them to express their potentials and strengths for a meaningful life.

Furthermore, education should be able to enlighten students and strengthen their awareness that there is no meaningful life without virtues, and there are paradoxes in some virtues. For example, there is the paradox of sharing (the more you share, the more abundant you are) and the paradox of humility (people respect those who are humble). On the other side, introspective ability and creativity enable a person to do continuous self-improvement so that they can enhance their contribution to the greater good.