Training for Trainers in Lombok Utara

In the middle of the coronavirus-19 pandemic, activities that involved many people and used to be conducted face to face now should be held differently. Starting August 3rd to 11th 2020, MPS conducted an online Training for Trainers (TOT) program. This training was a collaboration between MPS and IOA (Indonesia Overseas Alumni). Its twenty participants were from Lombok Utara Regency.

Gede Raka facilitated the TOT
Salmon Pandarangga shared his experience as a facilitator

The participants comprised of school principals, school supervisors, the staff of Dinas Pendidikan (Regional office of Education) Lombok Utara, and faculty of Hamzar Teacher Colleges. They successfully fulfilled the requirements to facilitate the Transformational Leadership program.

Congratulations to new trainers of the Transformational Leadership for Educators in Lombok Utara Regency!

Yanto Karimu shared his experience as a facilitator