Our Philosophy

High-quality education is unlikely without outstanding teachers and school principals.

Masyarakat Pendidikan Sejati (MPS) a.k.a. Authentic Education Society is a non-profit organization. It was founded in Bandung, Indonesia, in year 2012.

MPS is a continuation of Forum Pengembangan Kreativitas Masyarakat (FPKM) a.k.a. Community Creativity Development Forum, which was established in Bandung in year 1993. FPKM and MPS were founded by Gede Raka.

In the 1990s, FPKM focused its activities on enhancing the creativity of teachers and school principals. In particular, the organization aimed to increase teachers’ and school principals’ creativity in developing learning processes and learning environment. Given new challenges in education, creativity was – and remains – an important goal.

Intensifying globalization processes and the acceleration of progress in science and technology have undoubtedly generated new challenges in education. The underlying belief of FPKM’s programs was that creative teachers and school principals would be in better positions to tackle new challenges and inspire students so that students are motivated and joyful in learning. As such, their academic achievement improves, and their characters strengthen.

In carrying out its activities from 1994 to 1998, FPKM collaborated with Globetree Foundation – a non-profit organization based in Sweden, IKIP Yogyakarta, Universitas Udayana in Bali, and Universitas Hasanuddin in South Sulawesi. During this period, FPKM conducted creativity training with financial support from the Swedish International Development Agency and the Danish International Development Agency.
In the year 2000, FPKM enriched its programs by introducing Transformational Leadership for Educators Training. The underlying idea of this new training is that endeavor for quality improvement in education, particularly in Indonesia, will be more effective and efficient when school principals and teachers take active roles as leaders and agents of change. In line with this idea, the theme of FPKM’s programs evolved into “Education for Meaningful Life.”

In the year 2010, FPKM collaborated with Indonesian Overseas Alumni (IOA) on a pilot project to improve the quality of education at ten elementary schools in the most underprivileged area in Jakarta. In the year 2012, FPKM became MPS. Like the program piloted in Jakarta, an education program was initiated in Sumba Timur Regency in the year 2012. The program was a collaborative work of MPS, IOA, and Universitas Kristen Wirawacana. It reached every elementary school in the regency. The Sumba Timur Regency government strongly supported the program implementation.

In October 2017, MPS and the Government of Sumba Barat Regency began cooperation for Education Quality Improvement Program. The program encompasses all primary and secondary schools in the regency.

MPS intends to expand its programs to other regions in Indonesia, especially regions where quality education is less accessible. To this day, MPS’ programs have reached around 2500 teachers and school principals from approximately 500 schools.

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Gede Raka


Gede Raka was a professor at Bandung Institute of Technology from 1972 to 2008. He has been a consultant to many large companies in Indonesia on leadership development, change management, and corporate culture. Since the year 1993, Gede Raka developed social programs that focus on improving education quality in Indonesia, such as training for teachers and school principals and the cultivation of learning communities.

Raka holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Management Science from Pierre Mendès–France University (now Universitè Grenoble Alpes), Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from Pennsylvania State University, and Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from Bandung Institute of Technology.